How Legacy Creative Gets Things Done

When it comes to getting things done, we like to think we’re pretty great at it… 

That’s not to toot our own horn or anything, because effective and efficient execution hasn’t always been as clear as it is now for our team.

You can’t expect everything to roll smoothly right from the get go, it takes time. 

When we first started navigating projects as a team, we realized that there are a few key components that helped us complete our tasks, achieve our goals, and move forward as a thriving company. 

Here are a few:

1. The Value of Implementation

An idea is a great place to start… But the starting is where you’ll stay if you don’t make the moves to implement. 

We like to operate under the belief that getting something started is better than getting something perfect, because if you can at least get it out into the world then that’s a heck of a lot better than having it remain an empty concept on a whiteboard. 

Plus, some of the most valuable feedback you’ll receive will be from your audience. All the more reason to move things forward, even if they’re not the perfect vision of your end goal. 

Inserting implementation as a part of your execution process will simply serve to ensure things get done. They won’t stay stuck in the air as a concept or idea, they’ll come down to earth as a tangible accomplishment. Something you can work on to eventually perfect — but at least it’s something. 

2. Sticky Notes

Believe it or not, but any form of sticky notes help us to get both big and small things done. So this point goes out to the creator of the Post-It Note — here’s looking at you, Arthur Fry. 

It’s these little “in your face” reminders that serve such a larger purpose when it comes to executing on our ideas. 

We’ll put them on our computer screens, on our desks, on walls and whiteboards, on doors and fridges. Anywhere where we’re reminded of the purpose of the project, where our idea is leading us and where we hope to end up as a result. 

Sticky notes also help to keep things concise. Sometimes when there are so many moving parts, we just need to focus on the core components of the project to get them done. 

When using technology to remind ourselves of important dates or tasks, there’s a good chance they’ll get overlooked and lost. Sure, we can have a push notification set up that reminds us to get something done, but how many times do we just click “Accept” or “Ignore” and continue doing exactly what we were doing, only to neglect the very task we set the reminder for. 

A sticky note, though not permanent enough to stay, sticks just enough to remind us of what needs to get done in order to execute flawlessly as a result. 

3. Outline a Funnel

This is one of our favourite aspects of the execution process. It puts everything down on paper, let’s everyone see where their responsibilities lie, and acts as a tool where we can start to see everything really come together. 

Using a funnel ensures that no task is forgotten. This is your opportunity to walk through the entire execution process so you can ultimately walk everyone through each step, beginning to end. 

We like to use a whiteboard, have a team meeting, and take the time to listen to everyone’s thoughts and opinions. That’s the beauty of having a team; every mind is different so every opinion shared will be a unique one. This is how we make sure we have every corner covered and allow our teammates to contribute in areas they specialize in. 

Not only is it a beautiful creative process to see the funnel come to life, but it’s also wonderful to see our teammates light up when they’re doing what they love at the same time. 


At Legacy Creative, we’re in the business of getting big ideas done. So in order to do our jobs, and allow our business to continue to thrive, we rely heavily on executing effectively and efficiently. 

We hope these tools help you to do the same!

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