Let’s Talk Legacy Moments

Today, we want to take a moment to celebrate the many brands we work with and their incredible wins! 

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Legacy Creative is the broad spectrum of industries we can dip our toes into. It’s an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and connect with people we might not have otherwise had the chance to. 

But we must admit, the most exciting and rewarding moments come when all of the hard work pays off and we see our brands flourish, accomplish what they set out to do, and reach their full potential. 

Without further adieu, here are their Legacy Moments:

The Mom Conference

The Mom Conference is a virtual event hosted by Moms, for Moms. This year they had a whopping 30+ experts join their panel to talk about everything from creating a lasting and fulfilling relationship with your children to strategies for imperfect parents. 

This free event is the perfect opportunity for parents to sit down, set aside some time for themselves and focus on their goals as a Mom or Dad, and as an individual person outside of that role. 

This most recent event saw the most experts who’ve ever joined The Mom Conference panel, so to be able to put that much content out into the world at absolutely no cost is an amazing way to help provide support and guidance for the parents out there who might really be needing it. Especially after the year we’ve had. 

Keep up to date with everything Mom Conference here


Are you familiar with the WILDFIT movement yet? (If not, I guess we better step up our game…)

WILDFIT is founded by Eric Edmeades in an effort to find function in the dysfunctional food industry. After years of struggling with his own health, he dedicated his time to years of research on foods and how humans used to nourish their bodies. Then came WILDFIT. It’s the key to food freedom, so you can finally release any weaknesses involving food and learn how to empower yourself for a healthier, more fulfilling life. 

WILDFIT offers a 90-Day Challenge program, where you’re coached through 90 days of living the WILDFIT way—that is sure to transform your life. You can also try a taste test for 14 days, or join the Living WILDFIT program, and even become a Certified WILDFIT Coach. 

Year after year, no matter how little marketing is done around WILDFIT, the brand continues to multiply. What started out as a primarily virtual company certainly flourished when most companies had no choice but to go virtual last year. 

It’s been amazing to be a part of the WILDFIT wins; to witness the transformations that have changed people’s lives, all across the world. Here’s to the continued growth of this incredible movement! 

Check out the WILDFIT way here as well as Instagram! 

Speaker Nation

Public speaking was initially the premise of Speaker Nation—another Eric Edmeades mindchild. It was intended to be a place where Eric would share his expertise with clients in order to help them take their speaking skills to the next level, share how to use specific tools and tactics to elevate their talk, and encourage their continuous practice. 

As the world started to change last year, public speaking quickly faded. Speaking on a stage to audiences in the thousands was a thing of the past, just like that. Replacements started to surface just as quickly: Zoom, Teams, Hangout—any virtual platform, really.

With that intel, it was clear to see where Speaker Nation could go with this sudden shift in the industry: honing your public speaking skills isn’t just for those who strive to be public speakers. It’s for anyone using any platform hoping to create an impact and generate influence. Hello, Instagram? It’s a hot spot of influencers looking to communicate their messages clearly. 

Speaker Nation went on to have one of their most successful years in a year that was coated with despair. We pivoted to ensure we were targeting the right audience, that our message aligned with them, and that it would work with the new way of the world. And boy, did it work!

Interested in what Speaker Nation has to offer? Discover more here and take a look at Instagram.  

One Talk Workshop

As Speaker Nation continued to pivot alongside the pandemic, one of their most popular programs was left to pivot as well. 

One Talk Workshop is an in-depth, interactive workshop where you learn how to craft that one talk that has the potential to change everything for you (yes, that’s possible with just one world-class talk). From choosing a title to breaking down each aspect of the talk itself, this is the perfect event for aspiring public speakers. 

But like we mentioned in the last point about Speaker Nation, public speaking isn’t what it used to be. So we noticed something…that Instagram’s influx of influencers was never ending. They were the perfect target audience for One Talk Workshop. They’re speaking to audiences all day long, more or less about the same topics, and they need to have their communication skills perfected if they want to succeed, right? 

As we gear up to host yet another One Talk Workshop, we’re already seeing incredible growth in the response. We’re reaching people who might’ve never thought they’d benefit from a workshop like this. Because whether you’re in a boardroom, on a Zoom call, at a social gathering or popping onto your Instagram story, mastering your communication skills is something you’ll always want to have on your side. 

Here’s where you can find out more about One Talk Workshop! 

Celebrating these Legacy Moments is important to us as we continue to set higher standards for our work and greater goals for the future. In the mindset of continuous improvement, as much as we celebrate, we want to elevate. 

We hope this inspires you to do the same! 

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