Spring Cleaning: Why your business needs it too

When it comes to spring cleaning, it shouldn’t just stop in your house. Consider all of the other aspects of your life that could use some spring cleaning—maybe it’s your mindset, your habits, your lifestyle. Or, maybe it’s your business. 

Here are some tips we have to share when it comes to spring cleaning your business, so you can move into a new season with that relieving feeling of a fresh start and a clean slate. 

Create Operational Processes

Take this time to review which processes are working and which aren’t. Also, have your team look over all of the tasks being done across the board and see where new operational processes could perhaps be introduced. 

This is a great opportunity to streamline your processes, see where some lines might be crossed, or even discover where more work is being done than needs to be. Efficiency is the goal after this spring cleaning session!

Clean and Organize Documents and Drives

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered Dropbox, Google Drive, or Inbox. When there’s no method to the madness in these platforms, it’s extremely easy to lose track of what you’re working on and what you’ve worked on. It also makes it extremely easy to lose your mind! 

Take the time to install some organization methods here. Whether it’s colour coding your folders, organizing files by date, archiving older files, or whatever it might be, you’ll be thankful you did it the next time you’re able to avoid searching for one silly document for 2 hours. 

Utilize Cash Flow

Now comes the fun part! Review your expenses and take inventory of any cash flow you might have lingering around. 

Does the office need a new coffee machine? We hear those Nespresso ones are pretty magical. What about a water cooler? Saving the planet is awesome. Or maybe it’s enough for new office chairs for everyone. Your backs will thank you for this one. 

Make use of your resources when you can! It tells your team you value them and they’re worth investing in, even for the fun things. 

Spring is the perfect time to clear out the old and usher in the new—in life and in business.

Now, get cleaning! 

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