3 Ways to Increase customer retention, engagement, and NPS

Are you experiencing low engagement when it comes to communicating with your community, running online events, or perhaps even your own social media?

It happens! But WHY?!

The bottom line is that people aren’t hearing or understanding what you are saying. Because of this, you might be experiencing drop-offs in virtual workshops, lower sales, and more. 

So how can you keep your audience engaged enough to absorb what you’re trying to communicate? It’s all about talking to them in a way that gets their brains excited!! 

Join our upcoming FREE workshop that will teach you how to think like your customers in order to keep them engaged, excited, and wanting more.

Live on Zoom, October 13th @ 2:00 pm New York Time

Featuring Andrea Reindl, Founder of Legacy Creative, with Co-Host Rich Carr, Founder of Brain-centric Design.

What You'll learn

How to utilize all 4 lobes of the brain to keep others ENGAGED

How to use a proven method that works EVERY TIME

How to make your messaging about your AUDIENCE