Discover the Powerful Branding Strategy that Will Transform Your Inspired Vision into a Remarkable Reality.

What if everything you wanted your ideal audience to understand was completely understood?

How would your life and business be different?

The Legacy Creative branding process is a method that will take you through a series of exercises that will help you get clear on your message and business model. This clarity will guide you to take your big vision from imagination to reality. After this process, your brand will be clear about the following:

This is for you if:

 If you selected one or a combination of the above, that’s perfect. This program is for you.

Your Project Will be Split Into 3 PHASES


First we will collaborate with you to get clear on your brand’s Big Idea, your ideal client and the transformation you provide for your ideal client.


Next, the Legacy Creative team will design the branding elements you need in your brand to deliver a consistent, clear message all the time. This investment now saves you time in the future & creates massive momentum for you, your team, and your clients.


Finally, the Legacy Creative team will complete and deliver a comprehensive branding strategy and model for you to use to create a consistent and compelling brand over and over.



Starting at


Payment terms 50% deposit to book start date. 50% due after the project starts.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions and would like to talk to us to see if this is for you, feel free to book a complimentary call with someone to answer any questions you may have. 

What we don't do

The Brand Blueprint package is designed to give you everything you need to launch your brand and be out in the world. We will show you how to engage your ideal audience and grow your business. What we don’t do is bring you your customers or deliver your awesome content for you. That is up to you!

Client Testimonials

When I invested in the Brand Blueprint with Legacy Creative, I didn’t know just what to expect but I knew that I was ready to leap and invest in my business. I was ready to create branding and materials to help others take my business seriously and move past the DIY look. I was able to explain my business to someone else and get clear on how I could help my clients. Understanding how others see me and having Andrea & her team pick up on the little things was hugely valuable. It’s been an unbelievably awesome experience and it’s just getting started.
Jennifer Little-Fleck
Founder of BrainCelling
I decided to invest in a Branding Blueprint because I knew I couldn’t get it done myself. Working with Andrea & the Legacy Creative team brought incredible attention to detail and a level of professionalism from the first moment. They helped me see my brand in the way other people see me. Now I have instant credibility with new clients because they have a clean and customer experience, and existing clients keep commenting on how professional my look and feel are now. Prospects who were thinking about working with us all signed up within weeks of the new look rollout. It’s relatively effortless, quicker, and more inclusive than I thought it would be. It’s brought magic and simplicity to my business.
Rich Carr
Founder of Brain-centric
Every interaction I’ve ever had with Andrea is focused on not only your business but the details of who you are. They really captured the essence of my messaging & the look of what I wanted to accomplish with Ruggedly Sophisticated. If you are looking for an amazing team who knows what they are doing look no further than Andrea & the Legacy Creative team.
Barbara Eaton
Founder of Ruggedly Sophisticated Female

Questions You may have

We can meet in person for 2 days or over Zoom for a total of 10 hours. 


Legacy Creative uses a combination of proven branding principles plus a base of brain-based fundamentals. This means your brand strategy will have elements designed to appeal to all 4 lobes of the brain. We will also use methods to ensure your brand appeals to all 4 major personality types & is visually stunning. Overall this approach means your customer experience & journey will be front and center in your brand.

The best time to get clear on your branding is before you want to grow. That means after you have some successful clients and before you are ready to scale. If you already know your method but need help with defining and documenting it, this is for you. Before you write your book, plan your program or launch your podcast, a solid branding experience means you will save money in the long run and have a clear vision.

It’s best if the key stakeholders are present for the kick-off meeting and the review process. During the project, it’s ok if we work with a project manager from your team. The process is flexible regarding who is involved. Think of it this way; you want the people who love the vision to be there for the project.

Starting from scratch or having some in place is a similar process. Either way, we’ll customize the experience for you. The flexible options mean you can take what you have and make it better or start from nothing and create something amazing.

That is completely up to you! We can either arrange virtual meetings or look at schedules to accomodate in person meeting. (Subject to travel fees)