Complete Brand & Program Creation Experience

Legado Family

Legado Family was just an idea when Legacy Creative started working on it. There was a solid framework and a big vision. The Legacy Creative team held the hands of the founders while creating a digital-based brand to help revolutionize families to be their strongest. 

The project included everything being created including, the name, the logo and visual design, program design & video creation. The team created an at-home version of the program to support the digital program including conversation cards and a journal for families. 

This Image is a word cloud of all the words that represent the Legado Family. Some of these words include bonding, purposeful, supportive and value-oriented
This an image of the Legado Family logo breakdown. The top of the image features the complete logo while underneath it shows how the letters D, O, a closed knot and a flame/spark were all used to create this logo and represent the values of Legado Family
Colour 1: cmyk: C: 3 M: 3 Y: 2 K: 0 rgb: R: 244 G: 244 B: 244 Hex: #f4f4f4 Colour 2: cmyk: C: 1 M: 2 Y: 6 K: 0 rgb: R: 249 G: 245 B: 237 Hex: #F9F5ED Colour 3: cmyk: C: 70 M: 63 Y: 62 K: 58 rgb: R: 51 G: 51 B: 51 Hex: #333333 Colour 4: cmyk: C: 70 M: 63 Y: 62 K: 58 rgb: R: 180 G: 165 B: 165 Hex: #B4A5A5 Colour 5: cmyk: C: 24 M: 41 Y: 100 K: 3 rgb: R: 190 G: 146 B: 22 Hex: #BE9216
This is a Image of all the ads and social media content that is used by the Legado Family







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