Podcast Launch and Website

The Way2Wealth

The Way2Wealth concept and podcast were ready to launch when Scott Ford came to us. He needed a team that would help him create a more cohesive visual brand, launch the podcast and develop a website that would capture leads. The highlights of this project were a social media visual strategy, a messaging strategy & managing the weekly podcast promotions and email campaigns.

A high-fidelity mock-up of the podcast interface for Way2Wealth
A image of the logo
A breakdown of the colors used in the branding.
a display of the main Way2Wealth and a flat version of the Way2Wealth logo.
A breakdown of the Way2Wealth logo. At the top of the image is the full logo and at the bottom are the icons that were implemented into the logo. The two icons are a microphone and a fire leef
A high-resolution mock-up of the Way2Wealth website.
A breakdown of the font used for the brand. The font is called "Crimson Text"
A high-resolution mock-up of the Way2Wealth mini-series thumbnail images
A horizontal grid of high-resolution mock-ups of ads and marketing material.

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