Work With Us

Welcome Creative!

If you are on this page, it’s because you’ve been invited, and we’d like you to be part of our talent network. 

What does that mean? Here at LC, we work with visionaries, often authors, and help them make their brands and businesses real. Every month we have several projects on the go that need copywriting, graphic design, video filming & editing, photo shoots, and project management. 

Yes, we have some staff that is our core figure-it-out team, and then we sub-contract projects based on the client, the vibe and brand we’re looking for and who we think is a good fit. 

If you fill out this form we’ll add you to the database, and when we have a job that matches your skills you’ll get an email with details from us. If you think the job is a good fit for you you’ll respond, and we figure it out from there. 

There is no obligation for any of us with this, and no cost to you to be part of the network. It’s creating opportunity and when it’s a fit working together. 

If this sounds like something you’re into, just pop your information into the form, and we’ll take it from here. 

Cheers to Abundance,
The LC Team!